It’s been the longest winter and spring I can ever remember. Mostly because of how sad and stressful that it’s been. I’ve been told that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs, so here’s hoping that I am successful in this transition. So much change has happened, so many graduations have happened.

One child graduated college with honors in December and is headed to teach in Japan soon, another was inducted into the National Honor Society in high school, another graduated college in May & is headed to grad school, another graduated from Basic & AIT in the military and is now serving in the National Guard in California while working on finishing his college degree, and another graduated high school and is headed to college in the fall. I am blessed with such amazing children, they are what has motivated me to get through so much.

Oh, and I broke my foot 2 weeks ago. It’s horrible being so limited in mobility, and it is driving me bonkers. So I sit (a lot) and mostly do nothing, but I’m trying to focus on applying for jobs, that I sure hope overlook my broken foot when interviewing me, which makes it even harder on my confidence.

But I will prevail….