I need to write. I need to vent. I need to express myself.

Even if it’s to a dark void somewhere on the internet.

I’m fighting tooth and nail not to fall down into a deep hole that I’ll never come back up out of, and it is very difficult.

I want to focus on getting up, getting going, getting out, really living. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, yet I hardly leave my house and it may be slowly killing me. ┬áSeriously. I think the house I’m living in is affecting my health and allergies in a very bad way. So until I can move, I have to survive, and get better some how, some way.

I want to walk, hike, explore. I want to visit bodies of water, still or flowing, and watch grass and trees dance in the breeze. I need some peace and harmony.

I want to knit, spin, create. I have begun to read again, that has helped some. I missed it. Reading also makes me want to write more. I love both.