The longest winter and spring

It’s been the longest winter and spring I can ever remember. Mostly because of how sad and stressful that it’s been. I’ve been told that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs, so here’s hoping that I am successful in this transition. So much change has happened, so many graduations have happened.

One child graduated college with honors in December and is headed to teach in Japan soon, another was inducted into the Nation Honor Society in high school, another graduated college in May & is headed to grad school, another graduated from Basic & AIT in the military and is now serving in the National Guard in California while working on finishing his college degree, and another graduated high school and is headed to college in the fall. I am blessed with such amazing children, they are what has motivated me to get through so much.

Oh, and I broke my foot 2 weeks ago. It’s horrible being so limited in mobility it is driving me bonkers. So I sit (a lot) and mostly do nothing but I’m trying to focus on applying for jobs that I sure hope they overlook my broken foot when interviewing me for, which makes it even harder on my confidence.

But I will prevail….

The anticipation of snow

Since moving to ‘snow country’ we have actually been looking forward to the snow. Yes, we did enjoy the gorgeous end of summer and a beautiful fall, but now we are ready for our first winter – or so we think.

The anticipation of that first snow, and the snowy winter we are being told to expect, can be felt in the air. We are watching the temperatures dip lower and lower, watching the weather reports, and waiting for those first real flakes. We already experienced mountain flurries last week, briefly, which were definitely different from the ones in the midwest/south that we’ve experienced in recent years. But now we await the first real dusting/covering of the landscape in the pristine white bliss.

And now it’s on its way. First issued was a Blizzard Watch, which switched to a Winter Storm Warning. We are expecting rain late tonight, after dark, to turn quickly to snow and drop a few inches for us overnight, and to wake up to our first glimpse of the white stuff. And crazy as we are, we are excited, and looking forward to it.

Now, flash forward to February and we may very well be sick of the stuff, but first we will enjoy the beauty, the quite, the cleanness that is brought by the snow.

Hello, hello again

Now that I have my degree… Now that I’ve relocated to my dream state of Colorado… Now that I’ve settled into a somewhat regular daily routine… I’m feeling the itch to write. For real. So, I guess it’d be best if I start getting warmed up, and I plan to do that by writing here, as daily as possible, about whatever. I’ll do some daily journal type entries, some writing prompts, and who knows what else.

So. I’m back.

I Don’t Blog Therefore I Am Not?

Seriously, I keep thinking of things to write here and I just don’t.
I need to, for my sanity’s sake; for a creative outlet; for therapy; for outreach.

So when do I finally post? When I’m buried in a list of to-do’s so long I can’t see straight.

Procrastinate much?

School is stressful – but only 2 1/2 weeks of classes and then finals.

The kids are great – but I need to spend more time.

I still need to do some paperwork and find another source of income.

California may be out.
China may be out.
School is on the line, with only 1 year left to go.

My girl will be back from Japan in 46 days. And yes, there is a counter on my phone’s home screen.
She’s been gone almost 8 months. It’s been incredibly difficult on my heart. But she’s had an amazing experience and wants to go back. Someday.

I need to get an iPhone. I’ve dragged my feet about going back to the iWorld for a long time now, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay up with everything, especially in my journalism classes. Today it finally became a necessity. So as soon as I trip over an extra couple of Benji’s.
I’ve enjoyed my Razr Android. But it’s time.

Oh, and this weather, it sucks.
It was late spring weather a couple of days ago and now I’m surrounded by pots of flowers and plants that had to be brought in tonight because we have a freeze warning.
Get your arse back here, Spring!

My baby is moving to Texas

I finally get another baby in my life, I knit for him, I cuddle with him, he falls asleep on my shoulder, we bond … and now, due to unfortunate circumstances his family has to move to Texas.

No more baby therapy for me. For now. For who knows how long.

That’ll be me crying over in the corner.

Guns and Booze

I just realized that I have moved to a free state again. In our new home I am no longer denied the right to bear firearms or have alcoholic beverages on the premises.

We are now free to get tipsy and defend ourselves! Not necessarily both at the same time, though.

Finding things

Finding things, either that you haven’t seen for a long while, or just things that you packed days ago and haven’t been able to locate in the sea of boxes, is one of the fun things about moving.
We won’t talk about the not-so-fun things about moving right now.

Looking for a place to live

Well, I think we’ve looked at about a billion apartments/duplexes/townhouses/houses/etc.
We have lists, summaries, printouts, pro & con lists ….
Excited, yet not looking forward to the chaos that is cleaning, packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, cleaning, settling in, cleaning – all just in time for the spring semester to start in a week – hopefully.