I Don’t Blog Therefore I Am Not?

Seriously, I keep thinking of things to write here and I just don’t.
I need to, for my sanity’s sake; for a creative outlet; for therapy; for outreach.

So when do I finally post? When I’m buried in a list of to-do’s so long I can’t see straight.

Procrastinate much?

School is stressful – but only 2 1/2 weeks of classes and then finals.

The kids are great – but I need to spend more time.

I still need to do some paperwork and find another source of income.

California may be out.
China may be out.
School is on the line, with only 1 year left to go.

My girl will be back from Japan in 46 days. And yes, there is a counter on my phone’s home screen.
She’s been gone almost 8 months. It’s been incredibly difficult on my heart. But she’s had an amazing experience and wants to go back. Someday.

I need to get an iPhone. I’ve dragged my feet about going back to the iWorld for a long time now, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay up with everything, especially in my journalism classes. Today it finally became a necessity. So as soon as I trip over an extra couple of Benji’s.
I’ve enjoyed my Razr Android. But it’s time.

Oh, and this weather, it sucks.
It was late spring weather a couple of days ago and now I’m surrounded by pots of flowers and plants that had to be brought in tonight because we have a freeze warning.
Get your arse back here, Spring!

My baby is moving to Texas

I finally get another baby in my life, I knit for him, I cuddle with him, he falls asleep on my shoulder, we bond … and now, due to unfortunate circumstances his family has to move to Texas.

No more baby therapy for me. For now. For who knows how long.

That’ll be me crying over in the corner.

Guns and Booze

I just realized that I have moved to a free state again. In our new home I am no longer denied the right to bear firearms or have alcoholic beverages on the premises.

We are now free to get tipsy and defend ourselves! Not necessarily both at the same time, though.

Finding things

Finding things, either that you haven’t seen for a long while, or just things that you packed days ago and haven’t been able to locate in the sea of boxes, is one of the fun things about moving.
We won’t talk about the not-so-fun things about moving right now.

Looking for a place to live

Well, I think we’ve looked at about a billion apartments/duplexes/townhouses/houses/etc.
We have lists, summaries, printouts, pro & con lists ….
Excited, yet not looking forward to the chaos that is cleaning, packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, cleaning, settling in, cleaning – all just in time for the spring semester to start in a week – hopefully.

I miss my daughter

I know she is having the experience of her life.
I know this is her dream and what she wants to do.
I have worked really hard the past 4 months to be strong, supportive, positive and encouraging.
But today is her birthday – and I finally lost it.
I have shed tears, but this was really painful. I’ve never been apart from her on her birthday her entire life. Once I made it back from a trip to get my Grammie on the day OF her birthday, but we were together. I have scheduled an online video-chat-birthday part for this evening. Granted, her birthday is over now, where she is, in Japan, but I scheduled the party for right near the exact time she was born (about 8:30 p.m.), in the time zone she was born (Pacific, so it’ll be 10:30 p.m. here in CDT and 1:30 p.m. her time – the next day. But we will sing her ‘Happy Birthday’ and light sparklers and/or candles. And eat cake (or homemade lemon cream pie – she did say I did all the work on her birthday and she’s not here anyway, right?). But it still hurts – bad.

So, I’ll try and distract myself. I may as well, since I’m suffering from a really bad case of insomnia anyhow. I knit a few rows here and there on the sweater I started several years ago, and hope to finish before she returns this summer. I started his yearly hat. I work now and then on the Christmas present I started for her twin sister (well, the one that is most like her, though she was born a mere 7 1/2 years apart). I sort of finished, but have to re-finish a spiral baby blanket for the baby in my life (because I ran out of yarn with like 8 inches left on the bind of, yeah, sucks right?). And I even pulled out a hat that I started for myself over 5 years ago.

And there is the whole packing/moving/cleaning/looking-for-a-place-to-move-to-in-a-week-and-a-half thing going on around here. And the Chinese I need to study so that I am caught up from last semester and prepared for the next. Oh, and the 3 English papers that I need to write to finish the incomplete that I had to take.

I think I need a nap…

2014 is here and I’m ready for a new year

2013 sure had it’s ups and downs. The second half just about did me in – but I survived.
I’ve been making some changes, in order to preserve my sanity and my life. I can not do everything, all at once, and do it well, which pains me, so I am still learning to let go, make good choices and enjoy life.

My goals for the upcoming year are many, involving, as usual, sleep, health, exercise, etc. but also for travel abroad, setting up for the future, and learning to STOP and ENJOY more. I’m also working on not being afraid to make choices that are the best for not just those around me, but for ME, too!


So, the first one of this new year is to take a few minutes now and then to express myself in words, here, for my mental health, sanity and enjoyment.

And to add to things, one of my joys, making photos, here is one that I took this past September, involving fireworks, that I’ll share now in honor of the New Year.

Happy New Year!