Since moving to ‘snow country’ we have actually been looking forward to the snow. Yes, we did enjoy the gorgeous end of summer and a beautiful fall, but now we are ready for our first winter – or so we think.

The anticipation of that first snow, and the snowy winter we are being told to expect, can be felt in the air. We are watching the temperatures dip lower and lower, watching the weather reports, and waiting for those first real flakes. We already experienced mountain flurries last week, briefly, which were definitely different from the ones in the midwest/south that we’ve experienced in recent years. But now we await the first real dusting/covering of the landscape in the pristine white bliss.

And now it’s on its way. First issued was a Blizzard Watch, which switched to a Winter Storm Warning. We are expecting rain late tonight, after dark, to turn quickly to snow and drop a few inches for us overnight, and to wake up to our first glimpse of the white stuff. And crazy as we are, we are excited, and looking forward to it.

Now, flash forward to February and we may very well be sick of the stuff, but first we will enjoy the beauty, the quiet, the cleanness, that is brought by the snow.