Wow – I picked up my ID card today at the University. I should be so excited. A big part of me WANTS to be so excited. Why can’t I be excited?

Meanwhile, the daily-multi-sobs have subsided, but it’s still pretty sad inside of here. I guess that’s to be expected?! There are no observed changes on the situation at this point. I haven’t given up all hope – but I think I need to focus some energy in positive directions to prepare myself to deal with things – if the need should arise.

And this is my time between semesters. The summer semester ended a little over a week ago – I should be relaxing and enjoying myself. No. I’m working my arse off. Oh well, I guess that part of the whole point – work hard now – so things won’t stay this tough forever. Delayed gratification and all that – it can be tough during the process.

Just tell me it’s all going to be worth it!