Where have I been in the past almost-a-year? All over the place emotionally/mentally and around the world, physically.
I just returned from a trip to the amazing country of China! I have around 6,000 photos to go through from the trip.

School is going well, my new job as a photography editor is going well, my children are doing well, and it’s summer break. So again, I’m working, but trying to relax a bit, too, in between and after. I’m looking forward to the gym opening up again in a few days (they’ve been redoing the floors, how dare they!) and getting on with my biggest summer goal: getting into shape! There, now I’ve put it out there, I need to follow through. Keep me accountable! Ask how it’s going!

My heart is still broken, it may never be repaired fully, but I move forward. Letting go seems impossible, but may be what has to be done, at least for a little while. Meanwhile, I’m off to distract myself from the pain – doing some dusting off of things around the blog here, knitting, exercising and FINALLY getting around to watching the 3rd season of Downton Abbey!