I’ve been going through one of the lowest times in my life. But I am determined to make it through. It is a time when I should be excited, moving forward and fulfilling a dream. So, I took a little sideway – but I’m working hard at getting back on track. Yesterday was the first day without tears in over 2 months – that is something to celebrate! Well, quietly amongst myself, anyhow.

I’m throwing myself into work, summer semester online classes, and my children. That helps.

I’ve also, just to make things more complicated, or to distract myself, or to keep with the ‘moving forward’ agenda, started a new nutritional approach. I’ve just begun, today is day 10. I think I like it enough I’m actually going to order the book and really do it right. Funny, I know. I was sort of test driving it first, I guess. It comes highly recommended from an online friend who has had great success with it. Her and I are quite a bit alike, so it sounded good to me. I’d heard about it here and there for a year or more anyhow. So I’ll report back if I have success to share – soon.

And for now, back to work …