Well, we survived Blogathon 2009! Thank you again to all that donated!

July was beautiful temperature-wise, but WET!!!! Now that August is here, the Midwest/Top-of-the-South summer has returned. Hot and humid days, with foggy, sultry nights that don’t dip below the 70′s much.

We had a pretty bad thunderstorm last week that blew our porch roof (shade) right off – it landed up on top of the house. That was pretty freaky! _The man_ was standing on a table underneath of it, trying to remove some of the loose boards, I was standing inside of the front door looking through the window at him, and all of a sudden the roof blew up and over us smacking hard as it landed on the roof of the house. _He_ boarded up the window on that side of the house and then finally came inside for the rest of the storm. Fun, fun, fun…

August is birthday month around here. My youngest, 2 of my nephews, and 2 of my nieces all have the weekends of August covered with birthdays (minus the first weekend). Mine is supposedly somewhere in the middle part of the month, but I’ve canceled it once again this year.

This weekend is my eldest nephew’s birthday, so we are getting ready right now to meet him at the movie theater. He’s never been! He turns 7 tomorrow, so we figure it’s time. The little town over the hill near us plays free movies on Saturday mornings during the summer. They are older than 2nd runs, but within the past 6months/year. And it’s always fun to see a movie on the big screen – especially for FREE!

We are headed to pick up a couple of peacock chicks this afternoon. I’m looking forward to raising them and their beauty. I am not looking forward to getting used to their call – it sounds like someone screaming for help!

We’re off! Happy Saturday in August!