I’ve been adrift the past couple of months. It almost looks like I blogged myself out at the blogathon, and barely made a post in August, but that is not the case. Things have just been topsy turvy with plenty of turmoil.

My hope is that now that my favorite season is here, things will resume a natural state of chaos once again. Why? Because winter is fast approaching.

This means, so far as the farm, that we need to get a move on and finalize all of our preparations for the cold months, and now! There is wood to be gathered, split and piled. There are pastures to build and others to secure. There are shelters to build. The garden needs to be turned over and a greenhouse constructed and then planted. And so much more…

School is also back in session around here. Mostly. That routine is comforting, although some adjustments still need to be made, for sure. I’ve got a senior to graduate and get ready for college, another high schooler to get ready for SAT’s, and two middle schoolers to carry on. If only I had more time with them….

I’ve been knitting again – finally. I finished a wavy lacy shawl for Julianne, and have almost finished a baby boy sweater for Julianne’s grandbaby-boy-to-be. I hope to finish it today or tomorrow and get it sent her way. This will be her first grandchild – she is my age – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The baby is due in October some time. I also hope to knit him some booties, a hat and maybe a baby blanket.

I’m also hoping to get my spinning mojo back, as well, but I’ve figured out that I really need a little more space for that to happen. We’ve set the date for a week from tomorrow to merge our two cabins, therefore increasing our living space dramatically. We’ll actually have a living room/office/school room separate from the kitching/dining room. It will be so nice! We’ll still be well under 1,000 sq. ft. but will have a pantry/bedroom, 2 bedrooms, the livingroom/schoolroom, 1 bathroom (with another one in the works), and the diningroom/kitchen. Two storage lofts are in the plans, too. We are trying to make it work so that we get most of the outside work done before the cold season, and then we can work on inside projects all winter. That is the plan, anyway.

I’ve been working quite a bit lately. Sister and I are working together and it’s been a good partnership. We are also getting others working independently by subcontracting to them, and that’s a good thing, too.

It’s time to go listen to an audio book and knit, before sleep time. I’ve been listening to Nicholas Spark’s _’The Choice’_ but after getting about halfway through I’m not sure I’m in the mood for it. I added a new book to my iPhone today – maybe I’ll switch to that instead. Any good book suggestions out there?