I received a bird cage from my cousins two birthdays ago, then last birthday they gave me two finches to put IN the cage. I named the male(very colorful, brown, gray, orange) Erik, and the female(white, orange beak) Snow. Then, Erik died from a brutal death at the hands of THE CAT. After he died, I procrastinated getting another bird until my cousins; who had bought themselves some finches as well, those birds laid eggs, and from them hatches the next bird I would call my own.
I named him Hubie, as he looked like his namesake from the Pebble and the Penguin. So now, I have Hubie and Snow, who are now have four beautiful, and tiny eggs in their nest. I throw some hay on the bottom of the cage, and Hubie sings while he happily harvests it into their little cubby home.

They are due any day now, and I await eagerly to see the babies.