Last week was on the hectic side – though I managed. Work hours shot up dramatically – to the tune of almost 50 hours. This week it’s done the opposite and dropped off in a crazy way. I’m not sure what to do with myself! I guess I’ll manage.

We’ve had rain again. And by rain, I don’t mean rain _showers_ I mean pouring down, torrential type rains. That seems to be our trend this year. It’s been a wet one, which I wouldn’t mind in the way that it’s watering the grass and the garden, but when it comes to getting houses pulled in, pasture fence put up, garden work done, etc., it makes it tough when it’s so muddy out there. Our dirt has clay in it, so you don’t know where it’s going to be firm or slippery. I hit one of those surprising slick spots a week or so ago and ended up on my back side, where God gave me the extra padding for just such occasions. This most recent rain has waylaid the delivery of another house, this time for Dale’s parents. It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Now it looks like we are praying for a quick dry out today and tomorrow and hope to shoot for Saturday afternoon. Their building site was formerly down forest (most of it falling down and damaged by the horrible ice storm we had this winter) so it’s nothing but a mud pit now. We seldom have had a rain all late winter through the spring and now into summer that wasn’t at least an inch or two within a few short hours.

I won’t say it, but you know it, and it pours.