Yes, it’s been busy here, as usual. I’m working more hours, on the computer, and more hours in the garden.

We are finally riding the horses – Cheyenne and Cody, anyway. We waited until Cheyenne had her hooves trimmed last month. They are both doing well, though they are a bit rusty. We have to remind Cody who is boss and he corners a bit rough. Cheyenne the trick is getting her to GO! We’ve found that she is getting it, with a little help from a pat on the rump now and then (gently, but firmly, of course). The girls love it. Dreams are coming true. They even get up earlier in the mornings to ride before it’s too hot and life/school/chores begin their day. It’s awesome!

And the shearer FINALLY came and sheared our poor, hot sheep! I am sooooo looking forward to spinning Cookie’s wool! And Starlight, our yearling Shetland’s fleece is mighty fine, too! Now to find the time to clean and card them.

I have been knitting a bit- just a bit, though. I’ve picked up a warm, comfy wool/alpaca shawl I started ages ago for a dear friend back in California. I started this shawl over 2 years ago!! And I finally found another skein of yarn to get back to work on Nicci’s sweater – you know, before she is scarred for life and everything. It’s just so much stockinette-in-the-round-he##! But it is malabrigo-licious :-)

I just signed up for “Blogathon 2009″: – you will sponsor me, won’t you? I participated in 2005 and 2006. I guess I was sort of busy running a new business in 2007 and I think the organizers took off a year, last year, 2008. So here I am again. I’m still debating my charity – I did the “American Cancer Society”: in prior years. I’ll decide soon, though, since the Blogathon ’2009 is in 17 days!