Blogathon 2009 starts tomorrow at 9a.m.ET/8a.m.CT/7a.m.MT/6a.m.PT.

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Please “CLICK HERE NOW”: to sponsor me while I blog for 24 hours in support of the “American Cancer Society.”:

We all are touched by this awful disease, Cancer. We all know someone who is fighting, has fought, or perhaps has lost the battle to this cruelty. During the 24 hours starting tomorrow morning, I will be blogging, and even making sense some of the time, at least once every half an hour (most likely more). Throughout the course of the day and night I will be honoring those afflicted with the C-word. I hope to be encouraging and inspiring, not from me, but through me, from the people that have been there or are there.

If you do sponsor me, please send me an email mentioning someone in your life that I can honor. Help me share some successes as well as some sorrowful losses – anything that will reach more people to give a little for a great cause. We need more research, more support, more help in the fight against Cancer.

And if you have a few minutes, stop by here from time to time and join in the fun. Don’t forget to leave comments! I’ll try and respond to everyone, even carry on a conversation – we’ll have some fun!

As usual, there will be a couple of contests. One will be for everyone who sponsors me. The other will be for everyone who leaves a comment at some point during the event. So you have 2 chances to win!

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