Yesterday’s Goals for Today:
-Temporary Horse Pasture- _done!_
Posts for Permanent Lower Horse Pasture
Plant some more in the garden – _some_
-Possibly work for a few hours- _done_
Spin on my spinning wheel – even if just for a bit

The -Boy- I mean our son, eldest daughter (and the little girls for a bit), helped to setup a temporary pasture in our _”Oasis”_ today. All three horses stayed in until husband came home and we were working on reinforcing it. While we stood there working on the entry area (no gate), after going all the way around it, Cody slipped right under both strands right in front of us! So we gathered him back inside, proceeded to reinforce further, and he went and did it again, on the other side of us! The nerve! I guess it was best we were there to see the weakness. My super husband tightened up the strands (big time!) and further reinforced things, along with posts between the larger spans (including the two escape points) and things seem much more secure. At least I hope and pray we don’t have an experience like we did in the wee hours this morning again. The husband and I were outside, he was leaving for work, it was still O-dark-thirty (approx. 4:30 a.m.) and I look out to see only Cheyenne. Now this is not a surprise, since she is a lighter color, and stands out better in the dark than the other two, who blend in with the night. And then I heard a strange sound in the Oasis. I shone the flashlight over to find the two escapees: Cody and Serenity. Coaxing them back into the pasture with grain as I was half asleep, not dressed for the occasion, and Cody (the leader) was a little skittish, now that was a pretty picture I’m sure.

The little girls and I planted lettuce and carrot seeds in the garden tonight, at dusk. BooHopper planted her favorite romain (red & green), a ‘gourmet blend’, and black seeded simpson lettuce. MnM planted danver half long carrots.

So far in the garden, planted from starts, we have around 30 tomato plants (different varieties), around 20 bell pepper plants, 6 or 8 strawberry plants, 2 cucumber and 2 zucinni squash mounds. The Son planted a few rows of corn from seed. We’re off to a late start – blasted rains!

I didn’t spin – again. So very sad. And now it’s just too late.

So here are my goals for tomorrow:

Set pole for mailboxes in concrete
Plant some more in the garden
Go for a walk
Dock lamb #3′s tail
Work for a few hours
Spin – if only for a little while

These are in addition to regular, daily routines, of course, such as the house, the children, the schoolwork, etc. Work is an exception, but I like to cross that one off of the list.

New blog find added to RSS: “Woolwytch”:
She’s a spinning, techie, homeschooling mom – right up my alley.

My “LOST”: season finale’ download is running, my desk is only half as messy, and I’m tired, thank goodness.