I planned to – until I discovered that somehow my web host has lost a massive amount of htaccess files from all of my hosting accounts. So that’s what I’m working on now – into the wee hours of the morning, most likely. Frustrating!!!

Tomorrow’s Goals:
Temporary Horse Pasture
Posts for Permanent Lower Horse Pasture
Plant some more in the garden
Possibly work for a few hours
Spin on my spinning wheel – even if just for a bit

My little brother phoned today. He called to inquire about allergy meds and then we chatted awhile – it was nice. I miss him. We all do.

Our neighbor bulldozed some land for us today – it will mostly be the building site for Dale’s parents, but part of it will become more pasture. It is kind of devastating to look at, but I have to keep reminding myself that it was all dead pine trees (attacked by pine beetles a couple of years ago and then ravaged by the ice storm this year) that really needed to be cleared anyhow, in order for the other trees to flourish and replenish that area.

In my foggy brain (still getting over illness) I forgot to mention that Mom’s cabin was moved up here last week. She’s now our neighbor along with sister. Pretty cool!

I also didn’t get a chance to post about Mama Cleopatra’s lamb. I was wrong – she only delivered a single – her ‘wide load’-ness was just from her poof of wool, since she is in full coat. Now that she’s lambed it’s time to call for the shearer to come out and give them all their yearly shaving. We’re late on that again, mostly because I selfishly want Cookie’s fleece to grow out to as near a full year as is feasible. Her lamb’s fleece is going to be LOVELY to spin up!!!

Well it appears I am down to the last couple of site’s to fix – thank Goodness!