Yes, we have hot showers here at our home – FINALLY!!!! Going six months without any sort of shower was tough. NOT! But accepting the graces of family & friends, renting a local hotel room _for a few hours_, and mom even discovered truck stop showers – well that was getting all good and OLD. We now have ON DEMAND hot water – so we put no less than 13 people through the paces of nice, hot showers last night without a dip in the hot water available. Oh, and then I took another this morning, yes less than 24 hours later thank-you-very-much. It was to ah, help clear the sinuses, yeah, that was it. As if I need an excuse to take an endless hot shower in my own home! Well, enough of that already. I am truly thankful for how my children no longer take the little things in life for granted, once again.

I went down ill this weekend. Bad. I haven’t been hit this hard with anything other than my allergies in I-don’t-know-how-long. It came on sudden and I didn’t leave bed hardly at all for 2 days – until the hot showers were available, that is, and then right back to bed I went. Today was a bit better, but I’m still pretty out of it. And I tell you, it is a bit unnerving to have symptoms so ‘flu-like’ with creepy things flying around in the media like _”swine flu”_ and _”pandemic.”_ But alas, as I said, I have yet to feel a sudden urge to “oink”, wallow in the mud, or any other such thing. So I’m presuming all is well and this was either just your run-of-the-mill horrible flu or a really bad cold – though cold’s don’t tend to include fevers and all-over body aches. Since sister and I both went down with it sudden, and hard on the very same night, we are watching the rest of our dominoes just topple along. So far nothing as horrible as we went through – Thank God!

I’ll post more in farm news when I’ve been out and about on the farm again – which as things will most likely have it should be oh, about – tomorrow!