We’re here. Phase 1 of our house is closed in around us. We’re putting shingles on the roof tomorrow. The wood burning stove warms us well. The electricity will be brought in to us next week. Everything is folding onto place, pretty much.

I’m writing this on my iPhone, nothing but a kerosene lantern left lit right now. I can see the moonlight shining on everything outside. It’s so bright tonight. They said on “the radio”:http://www.klove.com that it’s the brightest of full moons tonight. The frost helps brighten things, I think, reflecting the full moon in it’s sparkles.

Well it’s getting colder, so I think it’s time to knit a couple of rows for someone I care for and then crawl into our warm bed. I hope to dream of the memories we’ll create in our new home, especially during holidays.