Times are a’changin’. Some good things are coming to an end….and some new ones are on the horizon. It’s these transitional, ambivalent times that really try me. I’ve been told that I’m not really a pessimist nor an optimist, but more of a realist. Sometimes that’s not so much fun. I also tend to worry quite a bit. Worry is a hard habit to break. I really just need things to fall into place right now. I’m having to let go of one dream, while we work on achieving another and to get one back that’s been pushed to the side.

I’m mourning. I can’t even type the words. Yet.

It’s not our land. Besides a snag we are finagling with regarding the right-of-way for electricity and the lack of hearing back from the environmentalist on our perk test results, that seems to be still rolling forward. Time is ticking, though. We plan to break ground this weekend – provided it’s not frozen.

The last year and a half is a blur – looking back. There were so many good times, tough times, and so many learning times. There must be a transition to take, but I can’t find it.

Anyone want to buy a turn-key yarn/spinning shop?