It’s all contracts, applications, details, etc. around here. I’m trying to cover all of our bases and so far everything is going well. We’ve had a few glitches but nothing that we can’t overcome.

The perk test is ordered – should have been done Wednesday and we should hear something soon.

The electric the guys will be able to do themselves and then get cleared. That will save some money.

Our building site is within the 1,000 feet that the electric co-op will put up their line to bring power to us. Now all we have to do is obtain _Right of Way_ from the person who owns the land across the road from us. It appears that may be our seller’s sister – that should help.

The water just needs the seller to remove from his name so we can put it in ours.

We do not need ANY building permits, nor do we have any zoning laws to worry about – how awesome is that!!!

We have the rough draft of the Land Contract, I’ve gone over it once, and I plan to review it one more time, and then send in the edits to our attorney so we can get that ironed out.

The seller will be in town this weekend and we plan to meet with him. If all goes as planned we will officially SEAL THE DEAL when he is here!

There are many more loose ends that I have tied up this week, but is there anything anyone else can think of that I might have overlooked?

This weekend I will be taking my second born to an orientation at her first choice college. I can hardly believe it. I’m still in denial that my son is in college. And now my first baby girl will be ready to go next year. Luckily she picked a school not too far away. She wants to do the _college dorm life_ thing, but we will only be about an hour and a half away from her, should she ever need us.

So many changes going on….