National Sweater Knitting Month (NaKniSweMo) is upon us again, coinciding with “NaNoWriMo”: as usual. I am contemplating a new take on it – new to me anyway. Instead of casting on yet ANOTHER sweater, I’m going to estimate the number of stitches left to knit on the three main sweaters that I currently have on the needles. (Yes, there are more, two others are currently in hibernation) This would seem more productive to me than adding another to my loooooooong list of projects at this time. And besides, if I work on sweaters I could potentially control the weather and keep winter from coming on full force, at least until we have our cabin built and are moved onto our property.

Speaking of the property, we camped out on it this past weekend. Yes, camping in November is insane, it was COLD, but it was beautiful and we survived. We walked and GPS’ed both the power lines that we need right-of-way to pull power over from, as well as the entire border of our property. We hiked at least a mile, some of it through pretty bumpy terrain. But it was amazing. The stars that night were so crisp and bright. The sunset and sunrise were gorgeous. The air was so refreshing and clean. The night was so quiet – especially after midnight when I awoke to discover that even the crickets were sleeping at that time and ALL was peacefully quiet.

And one of the most exciting things…. we chose our building site! It’s very pretty, with one lone Oak tree right next to it, sort of at the edge of our open land, towards the middle. We love it!

Back to NaKniSweMo, I’ve figured out that I still have about 2,000 stitches left on the first sleeve and the whole 2,880 stitches left on the other sleeve of MnM’s Einstein cardigan.
And for Nicci’s sweater, I’m almost done with the yoke, so it just needs sleeves and the body. I’m estimating that the body will take approximately 30,000 stitches, and each sleeve somewhere around 8,000 stitches each. The total thus far puts me at around 50,000 stitches already, and I haven’t even begun to add up the stitches to finish MY sweater. (Fine by me, the addition started hurting my head any way). This is a real challenge, but I’m in need of one, to keep me focused. Speaking of which….. I’m off to knit on one of the sweaters!