Contracts, lawyers, utilities, floor plans, packing, storing – there are so many details we are swirling through working out. But it’s all good. Even during dream time we experience mildly tumultuous times and it’s all worth it. Our dream may not be among the common, but it’s ours and it’s unfolding.

On another note I am EVER so thankful right now for how MUCH better I feel this week post-allergy-injections than I did last week! Three day headaches that rank up near migraine level are NOT any kinds of fun. ‘Short term pain for long term gain’ may be one of my most famous quotes but the kind of pain I survived last week is of the likes that NObody should ever have to experience – ever!

I’m off tomorrow, so I have plans to knock out quite a bit around here. For now I’m going to get back to finishing our temporary ‘living’ room setup. And then I might sit, relax and knit just a little bit.

Suggestion for the day: please consider the true evil involved in going with the lesser of two evils.