It’s snowing here – still – has been pretty much all day. Everything is bright and quiet out there, even in the middle of the night. I’m about done with winter and it’s ice storms and tornadoes and what not. I’m ready for spring. Even though I know that heightens the actual normal threat of the tornadoes. Give me warm sun, pretty flowers, clothed (as opposed to naked) trees, and lower heating bills! The winter has been dangerous, expensive and bad for business.

We are at a pivotal point in many areas of our lives. Decisions need to be made, but us and others that will affect us. Like our old house that we still own, the “yarn shop,”: and my “other business.”:
Where do I put my time, energy and focus. I only have so much. And my children still need more of me.

We’ve had a chicken pox outbreak. None of my children have ever had it, therefore they will be falling to it, like dominoes, I’m afraid. Nicci has it first. She came down with fevers Sunday and Monday and by Tuesday night there were pox. I had thought the fevers were just that flu that the rest of had the week or two before. No such luck?!?! Now she is pretty much one big pok (sp?). The rest of the kids are sitting here just waiting to be sick with it anytime next week. The Boy will enjoy it the most I am sure (/sarcasm).

We are still on baby watch. She will be 38 weeks along in a couple of days – so not much longer either way. Poor Sis is pretty miserable. She’s having quite a bit of back pain lately. But then her kids were here Monday, when Nicci was fevering and contagious, but we didn’t know it was Chicken Pox yet. So we are hoping and praying that my nieces and nephews don’t come down with it. That’s all Sis needs is a bunch of sick kids along with a new baby.

My knitting has been sporadic. I’m trying to keep myself to finishing 2 projects before I cast-on for another. But there’s this cute baby boy vest, and some sweet booties, and a sweater for me, and and and and …. well, you know. Startitis – it’s a terrible ailment. But I have focused on the “Slipped Stitch Brioche Rib Scarf”: and I will finish it tomorrow for sure. So that’s progress!