I know, _groan_ , pun intended. Happy Leap Year Day! I didn’t know it was a holiday, but oh well, we can use all of the holidays we can get, right?

We’ve had lots of excitement going on around here. We’ve had ice storms, freezing temps, sickness, and almost had a baby yesterday! One of my “_nieces_” was in the hospital with complications of the flu, but she is much better now and home. We had her siblings as house guests for the duration, except for the last day, since Dad works out of town.

The storms have really kept people at home, especially when they are bad enough for school closings, and they have been bad for business at the shop. The past 3 Thursday night Yarn Alongs were dismal. The first because of a storm, the next because of Valentines Day along with bad weather, and then another ice storm. This last week’s was a blast though. We had a baby shower for my sister who is ready to deliver anytime now. She was even in the hospital overnight Wednesday, but the contractions just didn’t stay regular. We had my nieces and nephews overnight – in addition to the other 2 – so we had quite the houseful for a night and a day. It went very smooth – they are all a wonderful bunch of children if I do say so myself. Sister’s been ouchy and uncomfortable since then, and she’s to report to the doc first thing Monday morning. So maybe a baby any day now!

I knit a cute hat and finished a baby surprise sweater (except for buttons) for the baby shower. Of course I forgot to get photos, but I will have a chance soon. Otherwise I’ve mostly just knit on mystery dishcloths. I’m hoping to get back into my knitting groove. Although I have been feeling the bite of another bug more lately – the camera bug.