My Nephew on his Birth Day

Here is his sweetness and glory, and he just happens to be wearing the “Bananahead Hat”: that *_I_* made for him!
Isn’t he just adorable?

p{clear:both}. baby boy boots in progress and so is sisters labor

I am working on my nephew’s first “boots”. They are “Old World Green Serf Booties,”: although, obviously, they will be _Blue_ Serf Booties. I started them the day sister went into labor, and worked at them in the hospital overnight that night. I did put them aside for a bit, as I’m working on some wee thumbless mittens for him, that match his hat. I’ll post a photo and probably the pattern, since I’m making it up as I go, when I am done. I have one done, and I’ve started the 2nd one. They knit up so fast! I did ribbing to hold them on his tiny, little hands, and I’m doing seed stitch for the main part. Seed stitch on baby items – how can I resist?

p{clear:both}. Juliannes Prayer Wrap

Knitting in general has been sporadic to say the least. I’m now working on a “lace wrap”: for a dear friend back home in California. We went to grade school together, lost touch, and found each other, both with 5 children, as adults. Our friendship picked up where it left off, though we became closer than ever. I truly miss her. I think about her and pray for her while I work on this shawl. And even though I won’t have it done in time for her birthday (yesterday), I will get it to her soon, so she can wrap herself up in a great big hug from me anytime she wants/needs.

p{clear:both}. claudia stitch scarf start

I finished a project that’d been sitting around the shop. It’s a “Slipped Stitch Brioche Rib Scarf,”:
and I must admit an underlying motive. I’m SO over winter! I figured it was worth a shot to tempt ol’ Murphy by working on cold weather items, in hopes that this would encourage Spring to appear, therefore rendering my beautiful, big, warm, fuzzy scarf useless until next winter. Ah, well, we shall see, but so far so good.

p{clear:both}. bb in a lily skin

p{padding-top:40px}. My new nephew is the most exciting thing going on around here, but in silly stuff, here is the new ‘skin’ on my Blackberry. It’s a lily design. Fun stuff, you know.

The shop has been crazy-busy, well I’ve been crazy-busy, the shop has been, off and on. Business is starting to pick up with the weather not so nasty, though. I’m just spread in so many directions. Re-writing patterns, writing patterns, updating, ordering, planning, etc.

Good news so far as the Chicken Pox that Nicci came down with – none of the other children, mine or sister’s, have come down with them, so far. It’s amazing, but true! I know there is still a chance, as she was contagious for a good week, but we’re hoping to avoid this whole scenario right now. Especially with sister busy with a new baby – she doesn’t need to be taking care of 4 children with the chicken pox on top of everything. And I had a hard time not being here with Nicci when she had hers, though I was with her through the first couple of days which were her worst. I don’t know what’d I would do if the other girls came down with them – just cope I suppose.

Well, I’d better get back to work – I have a anticipated pattern to write for “the shop,”: and I have a “dear friend”: working on test knitting it for me. It’s supposed to be ready for release in 2 days. I’ve got to get it knocked out. Especially since I would like to take SOME time off tomorrow.

I’m thankful for my nephew, a good labor experience for sister, my sister, the opportunity to take part in my nephew’s birth, the ease of sickness around here, my van back since _he_ now has his own car, having my nieces and nephews stay with me for a few days during sister’s hospital stay, the many encouraging _friends_ we’ve made at the shop and the weather finally getting nicer!
%{font-size:x-small;font-style:italic}Oh, and dove chocolate truffle eggs – my bad this season.%