Yes, bad pun, but a terrible strain of the flu, yes that one, the one that everyone seems to be getting lately, hit our home with a vengeance this past week. I wasn’t even able to escape it. Though my instincts tell me that my immune system was not at it’s strongest what with all of the heaps of goings on going on around here.

Sad news: we lost our Alpaca. I mean he passed away. We have no idea why, nothing stands out, he was just lying on the ground when The Boy went out to feed the animals a week ago. It’s so sad. And now I worry about Durango the Llama – since him and Kokomo the Alpaca were buddies. They never went anywhere without the other – not even to opposite sides of the pasture. I’m going to look into adopting him out to another llama farm in the area – I hear there are a few of them.

The other animals are doing fine – or so I’m told. I haven’t been able to visit them for a couple of months now. Wow, there goes that time flying by my head again. I’ll see them soon, though. We will be moving them back down here across the river soon. They’ll go back to our friends pasture where they stayed temporarily when we first brought them home almost 2 years ago now. We will be thinning the flock during the transition. It’s necessary – part of the business of farming. But not fun no matter how I try to solve the logical puzzle of the best way to go about it.

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I’ve been knitting, of course, but not nearly so much as I’d like.
I did finally finish (after re-knitting) the latest Man’s Hat.

And right now I have a special _little_ project that I’m just about done with, that needs to be done and soon. I’ll release details soon. I’m taking a break from it at the moment, in fact. I’ve been knitting really fast because it appears that I will most likely run out of yarn before it’s complete. And we all know that knitting faster prevents one from running out of yarn before a project is over, right? Righeeeet. This is out of special hand-dyed-by-me yarn, and all there is is all that there is to be had. Either it will magically make it or I will have to get really creative and fast!

I feel like sighing much of the time these days. That letting go thing is still bumming me out quite a bit. But with faith, and love, I’ll trudge on through it. Funny how this is one of the absolutely rare stages of anything to do with my children that I have ever wanted to ‘get through’. Almost every other aspect of their growing up I have wanted to go ever-so-slowly, since in reality it all passes much-too-quickly.

Well, back to speed knitting that _wee_ project – wish me extra lengths of yarn luck!