Yes, I’m still overwhelmed. I even fell asleep early last night. Then I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and I haven’t been able to go back to sleep. i usually have a hard time getting to sleep in the first place!!

How’s life? My current response if I’m at the shop is, “We’re surrounded by yarn, how bad can it be?”

I am feeling stretched pretty tight still, though. I have 3 businesses from home (although 2 of them are very part time, as they are in maintenance-mode- I’m not seeking further new business, just supporting what I already have established), I’m raising and teaching almost half a dozen children (it is half a dozen if you count my husband as my first child, as he is often quoted), the yarn shop, and am _trying_ to keep my household running clean and decent. Definitely a full plate.

But I am trying to focus today on the positives.

– I graduated my firstborn on the 4th of July and he registered for college the following weekend. He’s really stepping up to the plate. I can’t express how proud of him I am. And after all that teasing him about being our “experimental” child – meaning that we were trying and learning everything on him first.

– My daughters are growing and maturing into even more beautiful individuals everyday. They are so supportive, creative and loving – it continually amazes me. They are artistic, musical, imaginative and full of life!

– I _AM_ surrounded by yarn most days of the week! And business is growing. It was a slower growth at first, but has always been on the upward trend. I can’t imagine how busy we will be during our “Season”! A surprising blessing to me is the joy of teaching new knitters. This is something I am not confident about at all, but it sure is fun seeing new knitters _’get it’_ and proudly showing their very, own handmade creations!

And now for future changes/decisions. As was expected, we are considering moving back over the river. The commute, gas and energy prices, as well as just being closer to our familial “hub” are all draws. Our plan has always been to live on some “land”, so we just figure it will be land in Kentucky instead of Indiana. This will be, I hope and pray, our last move – I want this to be the home our children come back to, eventually bringing their own families. We have simple dreams, but they are beautiful to us.

I hope you are keeping your dreams in sight, and that they are spurring you on through the tougher times. Because as I just shared yet again with one of the children yesterday – how can we have happiness without sadness, ups without downs and mountains without valleys?