There is hope, finally, that summer will draw into Fall. Thank goodness!

Have you discovered “Ravelry?”: I love it! If you have, add me or let me know your user name so that I can add you to my friends list.

How’s business? How bad can it be, I’m surrounded by all of that yarn and fiber!
Actually business is great. We are steadily getting more and more busy, as we had hoped.

How’s the family? Great. Growing, learning, and hanging in together. The boy has started college- gasp! The older girls have started a Triple Threat class at the “Riverbend Arts Academy”: and are loving it! They are SO in their element there, it’s wonderful. The younger girls are enjoying seeing more of their cousins and about ready to get back to school. The man is working hard, as usual.

How’s knitting? Great, except that it’s hard to complete anything when you have 7 or so projects going. In fact, I’m crocheting a sweater vest, as well.

How am I? Still stretched to the gills in so many ways, but I’m coping and trying to learn how to deal better.

How are you?