Mom handed me 4 hanks of KnitPicks Dye-Your-Own yarn (part of the line now called _Bare_), and requested that I dye them for her before she leaves for vacation. She gave them to me a week ago, and they leave Sunday(day after tomorrow) _early_ in the morning. So of course the procrastinator in me (or is it just the busy modern woman?) dyed them tonight.
She was hoping for blues, greens, turquoises and reds. The turquoise I would call more of a teal, but I hope these are what she hoped for:

I really enjoy dyeing yarn. I look forward to dyeing roving soon! I still can’t bring myself to using all out chemical or acid dyes. So, until I learn how and find resources for natural dyes, I’m using good ol’ Kool-Aid. No matter the medium, I still enjoy it and it makes me feel a bit _artsy._