For those of you following this blogathon, I make an appeal.

Our purpose here is to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and Starz Above has been diligently working at this, so I’d hate to see her efforts wasted. My great-grandmother died of cancer not too long ago, stealing the little time I had to see her.

I would really wish for a change in the treatment of cancer, for her sake, and the sake of SO many others who have died. Cancer is a deathly serious problem, and with all the chemicals and by-products in our food, our air, and our lives, the numbers are going up; and it does NOT look pretty.

Please sponser us by going to “this”: link, and help our cause. Anything will help, whether it’s a dollar or a hundred.

My great-grandfather is sitting here in the room with me, upset and still depressed. He really misses her. I wish I could do something, and that is why mom and I are doing this blogathon. We can’t bring Grammie Bell back, but we can do something about those who are still struggling, even as I type. Somewhere in the world, SOMEONE is…right now…being diagnosed with cancer. They’re unsure of what to do, unsure of where to turn. Please help. Thank you all for listening.