Last night I finished the “Seed Stitch and Cables”: in a modified closer-to-preemie size, minus the little stem on top:

p=. ! kamryn hat)!:

p{font-size:small}. (p.s. there is my SP7′s card on the side in the photo- thanks “G”!)

And the good news is that her mommy (Jill) was finally able to hold her today!!!!
As Jill said, it’s a very good sign, that she is well enough for her to hold her. They still have a very, long road ahead, but she is gaining weight back – surpassed her birth weight by an ounce at 2 lbs 1 ounce and a half. Jill was finally able to be discharged from the hospital today – bittersweet, I am sure, getting to go home to her 3 other girls, but having to leave baby Kamryn in the hospital over an hour away. I’m sure she’ll be there often.
Thanks to everyone who sent their good thoughts/prayers/well wishes to them. It’s not over, but it’s a good day for them!

Now, what to focus on in knitting….. I’m leaning towards something for Mommy Jill. But I still have Mom’s clapotis, my socks, and the sweater and hat for baby Kamryn (for when she gets big enough to go home), on the needles.