I’m good at figuring out secrets – have I said that here before?
Well, I am. Everyone has a hard time surprising me – I usually figure things out. I just don’t like not knowing things, if that makes sense, it really bugs me!

I realized today, that I had forgotten to mention that I figured out who my secret pal was the last time I participated (SP5). I didn’t know for sure, but I dallied a bit through the participant list and did some googling and did, in fact, come across a blog that had a really high likelihood of being my Secret Pal. Lo, and behold, it was “who I thought.”:http://2monkeys.blogspot.com/

Well, today, I received a card in the mail from my new secret pal from SP7. She’s such a sweetie – she’s already making it so much fun! She is dropping hints as to who she is, and the first clue is the letter “G” – her name starts with “G”.
This is so much fun!
Especially when I’m so worried about my friend Jill and her new, tiny, baby Kamryn. And when my headaches are wreaking havoc on my life. And when stress is building up in different areas of my life. And when I just want to knit. Guilt-free. Just knit.

So, on that front, knitting that is – “Christine”:http://www.bigpinkcookie.com is considering doing a knitting podcast – Yay! I love knitting podcasts and check every day for updates to the ones I’m subscribed to on itunes (see sidebar).

And so far as my projects – the only thing I’m concentrating on right now is the wee baby hat in baby cashmerino, and it’s going slow, to say the least. Hopefully I’ll get ‘in the zone’ on it soon, with some serious, wide-awake, stress/guilt-free time.