Rember this?:

p=. ! scarf)!

It was the “multi-directional scarf”: that I made from some of wool that I hand-painted. Well, I’m not really drawn to pastel colors, and since this is the only scarf around that I haven’t gifted away, I wanted to wear this one, but the colors…. they were just not me. So, I overdyed it and Voila!:

Now I’m wearing it every chance I get it away from my girls!!! I think it’s time to knit a few more scarves.

Tip to self: Remember that wool blocks larger – since this scarf was a bit short from just using the one hank/ball that I painted, I added the fringe to give it a longer appearance. If I had just blocked it I might not have felt the need to do so. However, in this situation I think the fringe turned out great, and it used up the bit of yarn that was leftover, since I had to finish the pattern off at a certain point, not having enough to do another triangle.

If I ever forget that wool blocks larger I should remind myself of the monster-scarf that I made for Brother’s girlfriend for Christmas last month – yikes!