Well, here’s to another great year – full of family, friends, love, hope, promise, knitting, photography and all of that you enjoy!

We had a very nice holiday season – spent Christmas eve at Mom and Don’s with the whole 27-person group of family and friends.  Then we spent Christmas Day here home, just our family. 

We did the New Year’s Eve thing here at our house.  It was nothing too wild, just some simple fun with a small group.  The next day the local family group was here for a nice, low-key, turkey dinner.  Ended with us 4 gals knitting – how can you beat that? 

Yesterday my eldest daughter turned 15 – a subject which saddens me.  Between the boy turning 18 this coming summer, the baby (5yo) losing her first tooth last month, and now the eldest daughter eligible for her driver’s permit – I may be full-on grey-haired by the next holiday season!  We took the kids ice-skating at “the nearby ice arena”:http://swonder.evansville.net/ since this is something the girl has wanted to do since before, but even moreso after, she saw “Ice Princess.”:http://imdb.com/title/tt0396652/ Her main present was a Karaoke machine – and I hear her playing the piano and her sister singing in the karaoke machine as I type now.  Too sweet!  Her gift from “Gramma”:http://livinglakeside.com was the set of Narnia books she’s been wanting along with tickets to go see “the movie!”:http://imdb.com/title/tt0363771/ I’m excited about it – since I get to go, too – I read the books as a child and I still remember so much about them – they were some of my all-time-favorites.

My current knitting wip’s are:

2-at-once-on-the-same-needle toe-up socks out of the Koigu that “Caitlyn”:http://www.knotwithoutmyknitting.com/ gifted me.
(the color looks really pink in this wimpy shot, but trust me, it is a gorgeous melody of reds, maroons and other variations.)

p=. !http://static.flickr.com/37/81377065_0d062cbd4f_m.jpg!

Then there is the shrug for my eldest neice, out of some Cascade wool from my favorite “LYS”:http://fourladiesneedleart.net made from the “mini-sweater pattern”:http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id62.html but with variations (of course).
(It is different plies of blues and purple, which this photo again, does a poor job at showing accurately):

p=. !http://static.flickr.com/43/81376270_db37424327_m.jpg!

And then there is “Mom’s”:http://livinglakeside.com “Clapotis”:http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTclapotis.html out of the lovely soysilk/wool blend from South West Trading Company called Karaoke. The colors are AMAZING – and I promise a much better, natually-lit shot of it next time to show just how lovely.  But here it is just at the end of the increase rows, of which I only did half (3) of the pattern:

p=. !http://static.flickr.com/42/81291644_6616b26054_m.jpg!

I did finish a scarf that I did in a pattern that I made-up-as-I-went-along for Grampie just in the nick of time for Christmas Eve.  But, since I was weaving in ends as we pulled into the driveway that night and bagging it – I never did get a really good shot of it.  Half of the yarn in it matches the brown in “the hat”:http://static.flickr.com/33/66063468_d8a3bac57d_m.jpg that I made for him, and the other was close (they were out of the main color by the time I went back for the yarn for the scarf).  In this shot, the scarf is just throw on him, and ended up showing the wrong side, but the right side has 2 small cables going down the light brown sections and the dark brown sections are ribbed:

p=. !/images/83.jpg!

Isn’t he sweet!  He turns 84 tomorrow.  Notice his wedding ring still on his hand?  He still misses “Grammie”:http://starzabove.com/article/she-has-her-wings so much, I ache for him.  I can’t hardly believe that it’ll be 3 years without her in a few weeks.  It is still so odd.