Work projects all over the place – what a mess!
Visit from wonderful family of friends that we haven’t seen in 5 years, from California!
House cleaning, rearranging, but at least it’s somewhat clean.
HOT HOT HOT! Heat indexes in the 100 degree range, ugh!

All this equals very little knitting – and again, all I wanna do is knit!

Oh, and just in case, a lil reminder that there are such things as good for free – “remember my FREE iPod”:—my-ipod-is-here I LOVE it! Especially on road trips and while knitting!
If you are aiming for one and are game, just use “my referral link here”: and all you need to do is complete one trial offer, and find some friends to do the same. The ol’ _If I can do it, anyone can,_ certainly maintains itself in this situtation. So what’re you waiting for, besides an iPod?!?