I won!
A week or so ago, late at night, I was perusing the ‘net, looking for some inspiration for a new design that I am working on when I cam across the fact that “Caitlyn Knits”:http://caitlynknits.blogspot.com/ was having a little contest to help rename her blog. So, I threw out a few (looking back, wow, off the wall) suggestions, and lo and behold, she liked one of them! Her blog now carries the moniker “Knot without my Knitting”:http://caitlynknits.blogspot.com/ and I know own this:

!http://photos15.flickr.com/22240643_2fd974d53d_m.jpg(yay for koigu)!:http://flickr.com/photos/starzabove/22240643/

YAY for Koigu! $10/11 a skein, luscious, 100% premium marino, hand painted, glorious, finger-weight, screaming-to-be-made-into-socks Koigu! It’s in the colorway #p851, which I have yet to find a real close image of anywhere, and my depiction is lacking, as well. I see red, maroon, burgundy, purple, orange and all kinds of beautiful varying shades. I am almost compelled to refer to it as _Yummy!_