Well, time is scarce around here. I have SEVERAL design projects to wrap up – we have company coming next wednesday that is staying for 3 weeks – and the normal chaotic hubub around here continues on a daily basis.
I have snuck in a row here, a couple of rows there, and voila! I’ve finished the first repeat – up to row 18 on the Trellis Cardigan. It is measuring at about 12 to 12.5 inches wide. In order to achieve this small size, however, I did have to reduce the needle size down one, and I’m doing the 6 month size pattern! Ah well, it will fit SOME pretty baby. I’ve just no idea which baby/toddler in my life it WILL fit!

Have I told you lately what a FUN project this is? I carry it around with me, I set it beside me, I’ve printed out a new chart to carry with it – sigh……….. I think I need a knit day off. To celebrate the end of school for the year – projects complete – and company coming. Yeah, like THAT is ever going to happen! Well, there is my birthday to look forward to in August, I guess. I plan on running away for the day. No one around me deals well with my birthday, and I’ve decided that it shouldn’t be a day for me or anyone else to have an ounce of bad feelings, so I’m going to give myself, and my family is also giving me, NOTHING BUT A DAY OFF AND AWAY! I have yet to decide where I’ll go or what I’ll do – whether it’ll be just a day excursion or an overnighter, but there will be uninterupted knitting! I am determined! Like I’ve learned to say: _If you have to get another stinkin’ year older, and you do so they tell me, you may as well enjoy the day, big time!_