After the depressing dip in the frog pond on the “Trellis Cardigan”: for the umpteenth time – I needed a lift. I had measured the Trellis back against my almost-7-year-old and it looked like it would fit her – LOOSELY, even! Argh. So, ribbet, rippet, ribbet, off I went. I decided, instead of changing needles size, to just do the pattern according to the 6 month old size, instead of the 18mos. size I had been following. Since this just means leaving off 8 purls at the beginning and the end I wouldn’t lose anything in the lovely pattern, so I’m goin for it. However, I only allowed myself to RE-cast-on and do half of the seed stitch ribbing (4 rows). Then I was SUPPOSED to be working on SEVERAL work projects. I’m afraid I didn’t get much done and it is ALL HER FAULT! Well, I tried, anyhoo. My 14yo was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the Plymouth Fantasy Naturale Cotton that I am using for the Trellis cardigan. I had mentioned how my secret pal recipient has said that her favorite color is blue, and that she might like some of this, since it’s such PRETTY variated (as opposed to varigated, because it’s not, really – it’s more like varying shades of blue dye – ever so pretty “see here”: ) shades of blue. She sighed, “but I want it…..”, and I mentioned, as any -yarn enabling- loving mother would, that she may use some of mine, so long as she replaces it by the time I need the 3rd skein for Trellis. She jumped up to get needles. Then proceeded to knot up the entire hank, which is wrapped like that, I can only assume, to make it easier to wind – boy, did she learn a valuable lesson. The kind of lesson that is not so much fun to learn. So, after we get that ball majorly untangled and center-pull-ball wound, she starts looking for a pattern (at my suggestion, the artsy-creative gal that she is was just going to start knitting – whatever- the nerve!). She decides upon the beautiful “Clapotis” – Oh, how could she tempt me so? And after I had already mentioned my plans to try it in the yarn my wonderful Secret Pal and blessed me with – it’s oh so soft…..
So, that’s all she wrote. As she attempted, I grabbed some needles, “my secret pal yarn”: in color 711, and I proceeded to help her learn pfb’s and kbl’s and the ever-wonderful ssk. We both stopped at the end of row 14, section one, setup rows. Ah, well.

Les deux Clapotis, avec mon cheri:

! clapotis, mon cheri)!: