I heard a song, an old song, you might know it, on the radio this morning, oh about 4 a.m. that has the line in it:
“Dreams are for those who sleep”.
It’s from an old _Earth, Wind & Fire_ song, called “Make it With You”:http://www.lyricsfreak.com/e/earth-wind-and-fire/44701.html
Now, I’m not so sure it’s true, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s not, or at least not all-inclusive, but it sure hit a button with me in the wee hours this morning. It sure felt true. I mean, life can’t be so cruel. There is a greater plan, and all things happen for a reason.
It just doesn’t seem quite right that all of my _dreams_ have to suffer so much, at the expense of _us_ dreaming them up.

And what’s with denial? Oh, wait, that’s where I live these days. Denial, Indian, U.S.A. Some say it’s not so bad, that too much reality is not so great. And I agree. But it doesn’t feel too healthy. But then nothing does right now I suppose.

_This too shall pass…._
Words that should emit comfort – but nothing really does that much these days, except for _their_ hugs. Feel so good, and hurt so bad. Wonderful reminders of what it’s all about, yet painful reminders of what’s so wrong, and so unfair.