Financial problems….
Car problems….
Health problems….

I can’t handle much more.

The finances:
“Due to financial constraints, the light at the end of the tunnel has been temporarily extinguished”.

The car:
Me (at 3 p.m. today): Hi, I was wondering what the status is on my van.
bla bla bla
Service guy (something to the effect of): Our service manager is the one that knows, all I heard was something about transmission fluid low (duh, that’s what we said), but he’s gone for the day, so you’ll have to just phone in the morning.
(in other words, I don’t give a care if this is your only means of transportation and your new part time job depends on it or not, that’s your problem).

The health:
Ah, love the fall, but do NOT love the change of seasons allergy junk. I’ve been just plain miserable for so long it is just almost unbearable. And now the oldest son and oldest daughter both have colds/allergies something funky going on and they are both miserable, too. The next oldest daughter sounds like she’s catching it. I just sit and watch the dominoes fall.

I could also rant about my printer going defunct (my 3rd Epson in 6 years, love them, but I wear the tar out of them), just when I need it for the biz the kids and I are working on.
Or how much I miss _him_.
Or perhaps the flea problem we have had as of late that just won’t seem to go away.
But, I’ll try and hold back.

Here’s to a positive post next. I’ll work on it. Really I will. Anything at this point would help.