Well August wasn’t such a hot month for me posting here. Was a hot month weather-wise, though not really so bad as it usually is here in the ‘armpit of America’ as a local referred to it in conversation to me once.

My dad is coming for a visit. He (and his girlfriend) should be here Monday or Tuesday.

_He_ finished his training, goes for his test at Indy on Tuesday/Wednesday and then it’s the beginning of the nightmare that must end, someday.

“Jill”:http://jillspot.com caught up with me, turning 27 years old a few days ago smiley in shades
We’ve been working on “E-Charmz”:http://www.e-charmz.com .

We’re starting to get into the swing of school, ever so slowly. Another bennie of an alternative educational experience.

Oh, and I have bangs once again.

Other than that……… nothing much else going on unless you want me to complain about my health, and neither of us wants that, do we now….