I caught the little guy escaping through the hole in the top of his cage where his water bottle pokes out. He”d wiggled the water bottle down and was standing on it with his head poking out, LOL. What a sight! I was too concerned about getting him back in and his water bottle better secured, to think of taking his photo then.

So, I brought his cage over here to my desk to keep us both company. His cage smells quite nice. Becca keeps it very clean and is using a cedar bedding these days.

I opened the door and he immediately made for an escape!
He wandered around exploring my mess, I mean desk, even ascending Mount Printer.
I was too nervous he would really escape me, so I put him back in his cage.
Once back inside he kept standing on his hind legs trying to plead with his beady little eyes for me to re-release him.