Night before last, I thought it was Pickles, our puppy, walking into the room, but he was on the other side of the house sleeping.

Then, yesterday morning, the girls were in here doing school and they thought they heard a bat or some type of wings fluttering.

We heard it several times during the day, sometimes the kids thinking it was a mouse, but I realized when I did hear it, and we had narrowed it down into being inside the closet here in our office/classroom, that it must be bigger than a tiny mouse.

In a dream this morning, I found what I thought was Hammy the Hamster crawling on my desk, and when I went to put him in his cage, realized Hammy was in his cage already, and that this was another hamster.
Then I was awakened by Becca running out of here, into my room and then going into wake up her big brother, Christopher, because the noise happened again and seemed to shake the desk that sits right outside of the closet door.

Now, remember this house must be around 100 years old. It was built prior to indoor plumbing. The lady that lived here, was born here, I believe, and she is in her 90″s now, in the rest home here in town.

So, anyway, a little while later, the older kids were in here doing school, and they came running all excited, that they had opened the closet and chased out…..

Bird in our closet

I lightly scolded them for not getting me while he was sitting on the refrigerator, and after they had already chased him out of doors, to catch a photo.