What would you do? Tell me.
You are on your way home from a long night”s shopping, and you pull up to a light near home, and you look to the right, and RIGHT there just a couple of feet off of the road, sits a chicken.
Now, you know it most likely fell off of a truck headed for the Tyson chicken factory, just a couple of miles on down the road.
But the poor thing is just STANDING there, shivering in the cold.
Would you wave as you went by and just go on home to put away your groceries and the kids to bed?
Would you get out and try to chase it farther from the road so it would at least not get run over?
Would you get out and invite him in for a ride?

Well, to find out what this family did….

We discussed the poor creature, went down the road a way, stopped at a dumpster, grabbed a cardboard box and a lid, and drove back to where we saw the chicken.
The two oldest kids jumped out, trapped the poor bird, and set him in the backseat, inside of the box, with a six pack of soda sitting on top to hold the lid on (the box had a few breathing holes, of course).

Well, she jumped around a bit, but not very much. I”m thinking she has not had a real mobile life, growing up in a giant chicken house, without free reign most likely. After all, she was just standing there, no more than a yard away from cars, trucks, even semi”s passing her by, and she didn”t move.

So, Chicken Jane, is now residing upon our front porch.
We”re not sure if she will make it. CPA is doing major Chicken Research past couple of days. It”s getting very cold here tonight. Hope she”s okay.

We have been discussing getting laying hens soon, but had decided to wait for spring, so if nothing else, we”ll chalk this one up to learning.

Well, what do you think?

Here she is, sad little thing……..

Click here for Chicken Jane”s theme song, LOL, it”s from Between the Lions, a PBS children”s show