The title phrase applies to my life right now in more ways than one.

It applies to my new wordpress framed home here on the blog.

Also to the little, yellow house we now call our ‘primary’ home.

And, half a semester in, it applies towards my college home.

But also just basically to the new direction of my life. I’m desperately trying to follow my heart, while using my head and keeping my feet firmly grounded, only in the best sense.

Who knew that I would call myself an artist, be an art major and coursing my life toward a career surrounded by art (and daughters in the arts, too)?

Me – rational – math strong – numbers – geeky – realistic – grounded – me.

Well, apparently quite a few people did, and that sure helps. Having a few people in your life that love you and support you, no matter where you turn your life, is wonderful beyond words.

I need to knit more. I miss it. I don’t know how many people I have shared with over the years, that knitting is my stress relief, my therapy, my escape. It is something creative to do with my hands while stepping back from life, catching my breathe, observing a little more, and moving on.

But then there is that Psych. quiz, and that library orientation, oh, and that art test, and don’t forget the final draft of the classification essay that is overdue … all waylaid by the illness, the insomnia, the memorial service and everything else.

Well, to hell with them all for now. While I wait for the herbal remedy to kick in I am going to knit, maybe view someone else’s fictitious lives and let sleep come. Tomorrow is another day, and I will start it with a list to cross off, hopefully well rested, and with a little brighter attitude. Knitting will help. Yes, it will indeed. I just know it.

Good night . . .