Yes, I am currently one of the statistics. I am uninsured. _He_ was laid off last year and was forced to take a job without insurance benefits. Insurance is expensive. Unfortunately, I am unable to see how the health care reforms that were passed are going to help me at all. It would be cheaper for me to pay the fines for NOT having insurance than to buy insurance. How does that help?

There are several great things in that bill – but there are more things that don’t make sense, don’t help or are just really bad things. It struck me as very sad that they kept touting the great achievements known as Social Security and Medicare – both on the verge of bankruptcy. I fear for the future of our great nation, I really do.

Enough of that – the whole thing gives me a headache. It was just fresh on my mind since we just watched the bill pass a few days ago, and also because of my experience at the doctor’s today when I went to restart my allergy shots. They get you coming, they get you going and OH the price they get you for is quite horrible.

We have chickie babies – Angel finally picked up a dozen Buff Orpington’s and I picked up my dozen Aracauna’s (Easter egg laying chickens). They are both beautiful birds, too. We also added a half dozen Cornish crosses – they grow to full-size, ready for the pot, in 8 weeks!