Wow! Where does time go?

I won’t even attempt to post all that’s passed under the bridge since my last post in OcToBeR of LaSt YeAr!?!?! But I am posting that we are still here – alive and kicking, homesteading, working, playing, learning, etc.

We’ve added cows and more chicky-babies to our little farm, and we’ve lost our sweet horse, Cheyenne. Sister and her crew are headed back out and here is proof of that (and the fact that we’ve been BUSY!!).
From this:

to this:

in only about 2 weeks time (3 weekends and 1 week in between!).

We’ve added the outside walls, and the roof trusses are stacked on top ready to be setup, since these photos were taken (and downloaded).

So exciting!!!

And my next big, side project will be the garden and greenhouse.
Which leads me to this link:

It’s a brand new site, that I hope to promote and use. It’s been started by a couple of pod casters that I’ve been listening to, “The Self-Sufficient Homestead”: