So, now Kev-kun is hanging out a little. He put in this Green Day CD and now he’s bouncing a little to the beat. Looking a little more interested. And the music’s rather cool too.

Ha, he just asked me for some green tea, because it was sitting over on my monitor. He’s thirsty because all the Dew is gone. X) Drink tea! Good for you, yah! Better for you than MtDew and Cream Soda and Pepsi and DrPepper. X)

Almost asked him to make me some, but tea just puts me to sleep and I can’t have that right now. I’m on a roll I think. I dunno. I’m half-asleep already and can’t remember. Third post? Yeah, I think it’s the third. Coolness.

Mom says she needs sugar to stay up all night and doesn’t have any. I said, fruit salad. We have some. But she doesn’t seem to be digging it. Wants to make something called ‘Dump Cake’ I think. Hm. Kev-kun seems to like the idea of cake.

I want fruit salad.

She’s also talking about going up to Gramma’s house and taking _her_ chocolate. Possession is 9/10 of the law, lolwut? Told Mom that Gramma would come home, wondering what had possessed _her_ to take chocolate.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand Kev-kun just stuck the green tea packet in his mouth and said ‘tasty’. Then he just wondered aloud if people wrap up green tea like they do marijuana. Now he’s asking the general audience – which is just me for right now; everyone else has wandered elsewhere – if people might actually have marijuana tea… LOL

Keeps things interesting, to be sure.

BTW, now it’s proven. He’s goofier when there aren’t adults to look at him like he’s an idiot. Makes perfect sense to me. [shrug]

I must go now. Mom wants a turn again.

Until next time, take care!