Okay, Angel again. Guess I’m not going to go make him do something interesting. I’m covering the next half-hour. Not sure which will prove more interesting.

Yawning, Dad noticed. Aw man, there goes my chances of hyping on coffee after he goes to bed and blogging with Mom all night. LOL

Put so much thought into that last post, I don’t know what to say now. XD

Kev-kun is pacing again. For some reason, when he gets off the games, he just paces around the room, sits down, plays with his sunglasses, then gets up and paces again. I mean, I don’t really know what to do with myself sometimes, but, honestly… associate?

Where’s Nicci at? Hm. :/

LOL He’s so bored-looking. Poor Kev-kun. Wish I knew how to cheer you up. I just don’t want to play video games right now. Really. Not at all. I just want to go outside and lay in the hammock, thinking up writing ideas and looking up at the sky.

NOT play Super Smash Bros or Need For Speed. Sorry, I know, I’m boring.

Ah, wanted to edit “I’m Sorry” earlier. Thank GOODNESS Nicci was on the computer, so I couldn’t. And she didn’t get off until Mom got off hers so I could blog. Yes, good! That way I won’t work on it. I know I want to, but… I just need to take a serious weekend off from the manuscript. I’ve already slipped and worked on the website. I shouldn’t bog myself down so much. ><

Seriously, where’s Nicci? She’s disappeared again. I hate it when she disappears. I worry about her, even though she’s probably just reading somewhere, or something. Nothing to make me worry. But I still do.

I know. >,< I can’t help it.

Mom’s looking at me funny because she peeked at this entry. I dunno. She’s goofy sometimes, as you could obviously tell from her last few entries.

Yep. That’s my mom.

Beer smells funny. I don’t like it.

YAY for spam only created for good reasons! No, not the spam you eat as burgers or fry in a pan. Nor the kind of spam you get in your email account that is just… wrong on so many levels. The kind of spam that makes you smile and makes your day a little bit better. That kind of spam.

See why I said ‘YAY’? :)

Until next time, take care.
~ Angel