Well, it was almost ready. Chef Boy-R-Dale said it could’ve used another 90 seconds :-D

I’m hoping the calories, or something give me a boost. Something is going to have to do something. I’m getting tired. I have music playing. I have company. I’m perusing the blogs of other blogathoners.

Maybe I should re-focus on what this is all about. It’s about doing something great for something that really matters, regardless of which cause you choose.

My cause happens to be “the American Cancer Society”:http://www.cancer.org and it’s important to everyone. I have yet to meet a person that hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way, shape or form.


A thought just crossed my mind. Why have I not been posting more regularly on my blog? Why am I so trapped by the idea that I must make a full-fledged post. Why can’t I just make random posts, or short posts, or posts without pictures and complete thoughts/ideas/information? I hereby give myself permission to post whatever whenever however. I enjoy writing. It’s an outlet for me. And an added bonus that I’ve found in the 7 years that I’ve been blogging (Oh my! I missed my blogiversary this year :-( ) is that I have a scrapbook of sorts. I can look back through my blog and find information that I wonder about whenever the need strikes.

Okay, now I’m going to knit 2 rows of _Amused_ while I read a few blog posts on other sites. I’ll be back….