Well, no one is calling me. But I am still awake. And I plan to be awake for another 5 hours.

So, in desperation, we just popped a cardboard pizza into the oven. I figure there are enough hours between now and when I will actually get to sleep to get the digestion process going. I’m drinking my usual drink – Ocean Spray CranGrape juice. I always have ‘a drink’. Do you? If so, what is ‘your drink’?

I used to be a Pepsi-holic. The withdrawal headaches from quitting it have convinced me never to go back. But it tastes horrible to me now anyway.

After that I drank a lot of lemonade, I think. Nowadays my sugary fluid of choice is OS CranGrape. It could be worse, I suppose.

Just in case you were wondering….


And Angel & Kev are playing some video game. Nicci is browsing the internets – roleplaying it looks like from here. Bull Frog just woke up so her daddy is putting her back to sleep.

I hear my man snoring, well I did, until the rain started POURING again.

That’s all from the zoo crew here – uhoh, I smell pizza cooking!